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Volunteering Online during Covid

After spending lots of time researching volunteer opportunities in Latin America I talked with Sarah (volunteer coordinator) and absolutely fell in love with not only the work she is doing in Honduras, but how she carries it out.  - Structured, well planned, and most importantly to me, deeply, and personally involved in the lives of the children she touches. -It wasn't just another program on the LONG list. It really felt like a close family environment.  

The effects from Covid 19 are experienced everywhere, but are felt even more so outside our borders where even without a pandemic there aren't the everyday commodities we are so accustomed to. When the Coronavirus changed so much of daily life around the world, volunteering changed too. But I have been in awe of Sarah and how she has handled these challenges with such joy, clarity and structure. I jumped on the rotation she set up for online involvement with the children and have had a blast since.  The kids are a contagious joy even through a computer screen hundreds of miles away, and I really hope to be able to participate in a more normal year as well, where I can meet all the lovely faces in person!

Thank you for letting me be a small part of these lives!


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