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Baleadas and bucket showers

My name is Connie, I’m 20 years old. I’ve now been in Honduras for 2.5 months and have learnt so much about teaching and the Honduran culture.

This has been a great experience full of learning opportunities. First off, the headlines that you read on the internet do not tell you the good news. This is a beautiful country with very welcoming families who are ever so grateful we chose this school to help their children build a bilingual education. I haven’t witnessed any form of violence since being here (unless you count two nine-year-old’s in a fight over a paper aeroplane). The house we live in is very peaceful, and the bucket showers I have come to enjoy. You do have a lot of free time after school and on weekends, so bring plenty of books or maybe art stuff or whatever you like to do in your free time besides Netflix. I go to the CrossFit gym in Cofradia (the town over) every day after school, it has been a great way to stay fit and meet Hondurans outside of school. On the weekends and holidays, I like to travel, Copan Ruins and Tela have been my favourite, but also don’t miss kayaking at Lake Yojoa.

We walk to school (10mins) and are there from 7am-2pm daily, the kids are crazy but also very sweet (unlimited hugs). One family here has invited us round for dinner multiple time and now I’m a professional baleada maker (according to the family I should open up a shop in Canada)

I recommend brushing up on your Spanish and asking for lessons at the school when you get here, I can speak a bit but I wish I learnt more as you do feel a bit secluded not being able to understand. All in all this experience has taught me to take things as they come and make the most of what you’ve got. If you come with no expectations and an open positive mindset you’ll have a great experience as well.

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