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An amazing community that I will never forget

It has now been a bit over a month since I left Honduras, but the memories I am cherishing forever. I had taught in a few other countries prior to arriving at Garden School, but every time I enter a new school, in a new country, I get just as nervous every time. Every country has a differe

nt culture and every school has a different way that things are done. I had previously done paid teaching roles overseas, but there was something about the Latin American culture that made me curious to check it out, so I was happy to do a volunteer job just to be given that opportunity. And what can I say, I have no regrets.

The kids at Garden School are quite lively. Sometimes that can be a good thing and sometimes that can be a bad thing. The main class I taught was 3rd grade and I don’t know if I think this because they are my class or if there is some truth in it but, 3rd grade was the best class in the school and a am glade to have been their teacher.

When I first started with this class, I was tested by the class like any new teacher walking into a new class for the first time. The kids can be a handful and times, but over time we adjusted to each other and grew a special bond. Over time my class would get used to me routine and without asking will follow that routine. It even went as far as me having students coming to the office before class to help me bring my backpack of class material and whatever I needed, to class without even being asked to do so. Like I mentioned earlier, best class in the school.

There are also a lot of cultural events that the school invites us to and it’s a great way to see your students in a different light.

Once the families got a bit familiar with seeing me around the school and knowing who I was, I started getting invited to the homes of my students families and even birthday parties.

There where even times when after I had become known around the school and the school community, students that I don’t regularly teach still started to take a liking to me and I was also invited to their houses and birthday parties.

Of all the places around the world I have taught at, Garden School Victoria would have to be the one school where I felt most appreciated and would have to be the one place I bonded best with the students and their families. Even after leaving Honduras, my students and their families still send me messages, voice recordings and I even receive video calls from the families. This is one special bound that I am glad to be apart of.

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