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My Experience at Garden School Victoria

I’m halfway through the school year and I can truly say it has flown by. The school, and everyone in it, is lovely. It’s a short walk away from the house in a small town called Brisas. I have never met such welcoming people. It’s very hot here. Being Scottish, you can trust me when I say that you do get used to the heat. Life here is at times challenging because you will most likely catch a lot of attention. There is quite a bit of catcalling but it’s something you surprisingly just get used to. Overall though, the people here are very friendly. I even met a lady on the bus who has volunteered to teach me Spanish.

The house is very spacious and has a lot of privacy. I think the best part is the outside area. It’s like a small paradise. I never thought I would enjoy showering outside as much as I do. Here, you are provided with everything you need and your $50 monthly stipend covers anything else. We are very well taken care of!

I teach the older grades and the bond you quickly make with your students is very rewarding. Liz, the co-coordinator, is very helpful. You get a lot of training before going into the classroom, although I don’t think anything can totally prepare you if it’s your first time teaching (like it was mine), but within a week or so it clicks. If you’re here for a couple months or the whole year, it’s your first time teaching or you have a lot of experience, you will never struggle because we are all going through a similar experience and we help each other out.

I have had an amazing time so far and I’m excited for the rest of the year to unfold. A piece of advice I would give is to brush up on your Spanish skills before coming. It’s not necessary, but I’ve found it very helpful.

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