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How much does it cost to volunteer with GSV?

Volunteering with GSV is completely free.  We give volunteers at $50 USD stipend each month to help with expenses.  We also provide housing, food, and household supplies that volunteers need, as well as wifi.  


We, unfortunately, do not have the resources to help volunteers with the costs of flights. 


Any other expenses, such as traveling or going out to eat are at the expense of the volunteer.  With budgeting, the $50 stipend should cover most expenses during your time here. You can also offset any additional expenses with tutoring.

What is it like to live in Honduras?

Honduras is a developing country and living here isn’t always easy.  There are commonly water and power outages that last from a few hours to all day.  There is also no hot water, meaning you will take cold showers.  While these seem like obstacles, you get used to it and it quickly becomes part of daily life.  It is also generally very hot and humid here, so get ready to sweat!

However, the benefits far outweigh the challenges.  Our volunteers become part of the community.  Along with students, volunteers generally spend time with neighbors and families from school.  We frequently are invited into Hondurans' homes to experience delicious homemade food.  Also, if you are looking to learn or improve your spanish, you will have plenty of people to talk to!  While living in Honduras isn't always easy, it is definitely worth it.

Is Honduras safe?

There are often questions about safety concerns in Honduras. Our small town is very close-knit and everyone is familiar with the school.  The townspeople know that we are volunteers and are helping the community, and they help take care of us.  We give our volunteers safety guidelines upon arrival, such as not walking alone after dark, and none of our volunteers have had any safety concerns.

How does the application process work?

Send us an email expressing interest in the program and we will send you an application.  After reviewing your application, we will set up a Zoom interview and contact references.  We accept applications on a rolling basis and have a selective application process.  We have a limited number of spots, so the sooner you apply the better!

When can I start?

We run on the Honduran schedule, which is February to November.  We ideally are looking for candidates who can stay for the entire school year, and join our team in late January and stay until mid-November.  We are willing to accept qualified short-term candidates who are a good fit for the school and who are willing to make at least a 3-month commitment, provided we have availability.  If you are interested, apply now!

What is the visa process?

Volunteers will enter the country on a 90-day tourist visa that is automatically granted upon entry.  There is no visa application process or any forms to fill out.  We will handle all visa matters upon arrival in Honduras and the school will cover any associated costs.

Can I learn Spanish during my stay?

We will provide Spanish classes, if you are interested in learning Spanish. 

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